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Our all-inclusive crew package provides a seasoned, professional two-man crew (Director of Photography and Audio Technician) and all the broadcast equipment necessary to make your production the best it can possibly be.

A full-day comprehensive package includes camera and support, lighting, wireless microphones, audio mixer, travel, and more. Our Production Manager Dawn Azua handles all our bookings and works with our entire staff to arrange the logistics of your shoot and ensures that the personnel and gear are ready to roll when you are. Our team of professionals is ready to provide you with the quality of work that you demand — on time and on budget.

Book-a-Crew with The Videohouse
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Our crew network consists of some of the most experienced and efficient freelancers in the Pittsburgh region. When you book-a-crew with us expect the talents of any of the freelancers listed below.

For a complete list of our crew network, including grips, gaffers, producers, editors, and more not listed, please reach out to us.

Sue Brozek Scott


Chris Procopio

Audio Technician

Chuck Morse


Lou Yellin


Doug Sicchitano

Camera & Audio

Jim LeDoux


Patrick Walsh


Rex Von Arnswaldt


Dave Forstate


Jeffrey Meholic

Production Assistant & Editor


CBS News - Western PA Special Election Too Close to Call

Live Event

We shoot every major news story in our region and we've been doing that for nearly three decades, working with the nation's most respected organizations. We are the the major networks' first call when they have a breaking story in the tri-state region.

Our respect and experience provides us with the understanding of both what you need to see and how it needs to look.

ABC News - GMA - Major Road Collapses in East Pittsburgh


The Videohouse is the leading supplier of 4K cinema and high-definition video production crews in the Pittsburgh region. From ENG-style rigs to dynamic setups with digital cinema cameras to dramatic aerials — we have the equipment and the skill set to shoot what you need how you need it.

Check out a complete list of the cameras we use or go straight to our rentals site so that we can equip your upcoming project.

Event Production

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