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Penn State Fraternity Investigated for Underage Drinking

ABC News - Good Morning America

Standup live report outside Delta Tau Delta fraternity regarding underage drinking at Penn State University.

A full crew (camera operator and audio technician) and a Sony F800 camera package.

Deep Freeze Sweeps Across Northern U.S.

CBS News

A standup report that included live shots, interviews with local Erie residents and b-roll capturing the record snowfall in Erie, PA in December 2017.

A full crew (camera operator and audio technician) and a Sony F800 camera package.


Pittsburgh Travel Showcase™

Pittsburgh Travel Showcase™

A highlight reel of the Pittsburgh Travel Showcase™ event with interviews of attendees and vendors. Ultimately, it is an effective marketing tool with interviews, photos, and graphics that can be used for the next year to advertise the event.

A one-man-band (1 camera operator with audio gear) and a Panasonic HPX-3000 Camera Package, as well as post production including editing, animation, and graphics.

The client used the video on all their marketing and promotional channels to advertise the event and it helped lead to increased awareness and registration for the following year. Our team worked very closely with the organizers and sponsors of the event to ensure that their desired message came across in the video.


The Actual Forgotten Middle Class

TBS - Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

A comedic and satirical multicamera interview segment with local people in a bar in Ambridge, PA regarding political opinions. Also, exterior b-roll shots of the community.

We provided the majority of labor including 2 camera operators, 2 assistant camera operators, an audio technician and assistant audio, 2 gaffers, 1 grip, 1 utility camera operator, a makeup artist, and 2 production assistants and a production coordinator. We shot all interviews and the b-roll for the segment.


Sister Survivors

ABC News - 20/20

Intimate interviews with Larry Nassar accusers in Lansing, Michigan for a primetime special.

A full crew (camera operator and audio technician) did a 2-cam shoot in Michigan using Canon C300 and Sony F800 gear packages.

Steel Town Waits for Trump's Promises

ABC News - Nightline

A long follow-up interview with a former steel worker, a former mayor, and other locals for a primetime segment regarding the steel and manufacturing industry in Monessen, PA and President Trump's campaign promises to the region.

A full crew (camera operator and audio technician) and  Sony F800 camera package.

Meet the Singing School Custodian Spreading Cheer with His Voice

ABC News - Good Morning America

Live interview with "The Singing Custodian" and faculty members at an elementary school in Stubenville, OH.

A full crew (camera operator and audio technician) and a Sony F800 camera package travelled with gear to Ohio to shoot the segment.



Bluegrass Musician Cindy G

An inventive and dynamic music video that portrays a story and theme for the Jailbreak single.

We worked with the client on every stage of this project from conception, to development, to production, to editing, and finally completion and distribution.

We provided a full crew including multiple camera operators, a director/producer, storyboard development, location scouting, all lighting and a Sony F5 camera package.

Our editing, sound mixing, and post production polish gave the finished product a signature creative feel.

We worked closely with the client to create an engaging music video in-line with the themes of the title track. The video subsequently has been used to promote the client's album and work and serves as a catalyst to increase her following.

444 Chickenbone Road

Bluegrass Musician Cindy G

A great-looking and well-packaged music video to artistically demonstrate the story in the song 444 Chickenbone Road.

The client approached The Videohouse needing an experienced company to develop a production plan from beginning-to-end for this music video that would achieve a polished high-end result. We provided a full crew including multiple camera operators, a director/producer, storyboarding/shot planning, location scouting,  and all post production work including editing, audio mixing, and finalizing.

We provided advice and assisted in developing a shot list and storyline for the video project that met the client's vision.

The video helped the client reach new goals in her career and development as a musician.

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