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At The Videohouse, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with fast, high-quality duplications. We use only the best professional media and duplication equipment. Whether it is one or a thousand duplications, you’ll always receive a top quality product and a prompt response to your needs.

Blu-ray, DVD and CD Duplication

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, our high-quality disc duplications are produced using carefully selected media on our professional duplication systems. We offer direct on-disc printing, graphic design, and packaging. Customized quotes are available for almost any package you can imagine.


For large runs, The Videohouse even offers disc replication services. When you need thousands, trust us to get the job done. We can handle everything from mastering to IP licensing (copy-protection) to retail-grade packaging.

Broadcast Duplication

A wide variety of tape and disc formats are available including Betacam SP, DVCam, DVCPro HD, and XDCam. In addition, we transfer and transcode any solid-state acquisition format on the market including Panasonic P2 and Sony SxS.

Legacy and International Formats

We can work with a wide variety of legacy formats including Beta, ¾ inch, SVHS, and more. We can also transfer to and from most international formats including PAL, SECAM, and MESECAM.

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