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Inspired and dynamic post-production.

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The Videohouse provides quality post-production services for all editing, graphics, and animation needs. Our experienced editors will assist you in making your production vision a reality. The pleasant atmosphere of our suite and adjacent conference area have been designed to provide our clients with the utmost in comfort and service.


Our two brand new uncompressed 4K-capable high-definition edit suites are packed with the latest technology. The quality of video produced from these systems is almost surreal. These suites are fully equipped with software for motion graphics, 3D animation, and advanced effects. Using the exact same technology employed in some of the world's finest production facilities, you can complete your entire project – from the script all the way through to finishing, all at The Videohouse.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Our artists can help you easily add stunning visual effects and compelling motion graphics that will help you see your vision. Using the industry's leading design software, The Videohouse has the capability to make your project come to life.

In addition, our super-fast workstations enable our artists to focus more time on creating a dynamic and compelling presentation and less time on rendering and processing.

Color Grading and Finishing

A polished production often requires more than just cuts and dissolves. The Videohouse offers a full array of finishing services including audio mixing and color grading.

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