Independent or Blockbuster - we love movies.

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CNN Money has recently called Pittsburgh the "Tinseltown of the East." And for over 20 years, The Videohouse has been a leading member of the Pittsburgh television and film industry. From EPK crews on Hollywood blockbusters to production services for independent filmmakers, The Videohouse loves movies.

Camera Crews

Behind-the-scenes? Check. Interviews? Check. Location b-roll? Check.

The Videohouse has been selected over and over again as the choice provider of behind-the-scenes crews for major features. We've got the experience to work on productions of any size and know how to get the job done.

Electronic Press Kits

Want to create buzz for your major film project in Pittsburgh? The Videohouse can provide a complete Electronic Press Kits (EPK) to get people talking.

Independent Filmmakers

We know that not every movie has a multi-million dollar budget. But we also know it's impossible to make a movie by yourself. If you're working on an independent picture, The Videohouse offers a wide array of services and talented individuals that can complement your existing production team.

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